Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

feelin a lil down and out today...
but i'm gonna snap out of it i'm sure.
i hope.
in between classes right now.
trying to get some stuff done.
i got my night class tonight. :(
& lots of homework.
& lots of thoughts on my mind.
so if i don't post today,
please forgive a girl!!


today is a very special day.

it's my dad's birthday!

so although he doesn't even know i am a serial blogger, i just wanted to tell the world that i love my dad so much. the man is extraordinary. he's the nicest guy. sometimes that doesn't work out best for him, but i'm determined to learn from his mistakes and be a better version of him. although if i am anything like him--i'll be satisfied. [idk if that sounds weird or not? he def wants me to learn from his past mistakes...?] oh, and he has so so so much faith. i don't even know how he does it. we've encountered so many bad experiences in the past, yet he always has the most faith and tells me that it's just God testing us and that good days are just around the corner. i've tried to take that positivity and apply it in my life daily. it definitely makes life a lot easier. i mean let's not get too cheesy, but he's my flippin hero. :)

i love my pops.
even when he gets on my nerves.

happy birthday dad!!!