RIP Alexander McQueen

this morning i was saddened to hear that alexander mcqueen had passed. he was an extraordinary designer. he committed suicide. his mother had just passed a few days ago and his friend isabella blow, who had made him who he was, had committed suicide 3 years ago. very sad story.

RIP Lee McQueen.

read more on mcqueen's death, here.

SN: a man of such talent took his own life. even someone who seemed like he had so much going for him committed suicide. you never know. seriously. so i try my best to be there for every single person in my life. whether i really know you or not. i'm here. i'm serious. hit me up on twitter, facebook, email, etc. i'm not saying i could ever stop someone from feeling like their only choice was to take their own life. however, as far as listening without judging, i gotchu. lending an ear could be more powerful than you think. cause a lot of people in the world don't have someone they can go to with their thoughts. a go-to person. i'm not sure if i've got one of those myself; i can't trust anyone enough. well that's my fault. but i've made it my mission to be that person-- for anyone. but i'm just sayin. anyone agree/have anything to say?



Solie'l.Chantion'e said...

wow. This really is crazy sad. But like you said, yo can never just assume because someone has it all, they dont have their own issues. We all do. I'm the same way as far as lending an ear to everyone I know whether I know them or not. I've been thru enough to know how it feels to not have neone to talk to. Wow. Thanks for posting this.

Much love. love the blog. so versatile.

Ma Vie D'amour said...

aw no problem babe! thank YOU for visiting!! :)