Get In The Studio With Ryan Leslie

this is for you producers out there!
saw r. les promoting this on his twitter.

have a chance to help the talented ryan leslie produce a song. he's flippin amazing. have you seen the way he puts a song together? if not, baby you've been missing out. he pretty much does it all. seriously awesome.

prime example:

i've seen this video so many times.
i swear it never gets old.
i love watching musicians do their thing.

okay, here's the deal:
  • make a video, creating an instrumental or full song for producer Ryan Leslie
  • winner gets to work with ryan leslie in the studio and receive assistant credits on a major label release
sounds cool right?
could be a crucial step for some of yall!
get to work my up&coming musicians!

>>get the full details, here.

& send me your stuff.
i love hearing about new artists, new songs, and what not.
i support good music.
so if YOU make good music, hit me up.
cause i want my readers to know who you are...
that is, if you're GREATNESS. ;)