How To Make It In America [Mixtape]

brought to you by kid cudi, dj green lantern, and broke mogul.
it's got kid cudi, dan black, lupe, kenna, chromeo, jadakiss, nipsey hussle, and a lot of other great artists!
>>listen AND download the mixtape, here!!
oh, and you can totally watch the first episode before it airs, here!!! kid cudi acting?! i'm hype. anywho it airs on hbo on february 14th... aka just another day, right? haha.


Ali.geezy said...

I'm so pissed i don't have HBO anymore!!!
but i'll deff check out the first episode!!
thanks :]

Ma Vie D'amour said...

awww i dont even have a tv at school! imma have to take over someone's tv! so dont feel bad--i'm sure there's gonna be episodes online!! :)