DC Double Label Project x Sixpack x PMFKA

hmmm, idk... they're okay.
yall like em?

so... yet another snow day.
no school--yay!
snow--over it.
i mean really...
& i just LOVE how my school ALWAYS waits til the very last minute to cancel school. can't believe people had to go to their 8AM classes this morning. & then school was canceled at 9. but i didn't get the text til 10. crazy. but good thing i didn't have class til 2 anyways so i wasn't out there bustin my butt to get to class and then not have it. 200 accidents this morning i hear. crazy. hope every is okay!

tried to go to qdoba.
get that free burrito they're offering in all richmond qdobas for the next couple wednesdays... fail. the line was crazy. & i was hungry right then and there. had to settle for school food. but i had a blast so it wasn't bad.

def was supposed to get some school work done today. ask me if i did. if schoolwork=sleep, then yes, i got a WHOLE lot done today! haha. ;)



Solie'l.Chantion'e said...

I really like those though! I have a nike shoe like a metallic color and they remind me of those!