Happy Birthday Bolaji!!

so in the [very] beginning,
i used to do lil birthday shout outs.
[think i'm bringing them back].
but i came to realize the friends i did shout outs to didn't really read my blog like that. i mean they're still my babies but they just didn't visit blogs like that.

but my buddy bolaji...
one of the nicest and most fashionable dudes i know! & the boy is super funny. oh the silly stories he has... & he's seriously way too nice for even my southern soul to handle. it shocks me every time. haha. it's pretty humbling. OH, he's got a fashion show event coming up at the end of february [27th]--i'll post more about it when it gets closer. i've been to his fashion shows [yes, plural] before and let me put it this way--you're gonna wanna be at this one!

it's his birthday today!!!!!

happy birthday bo!!

hope you have an amazing one,
& don't bust your butt in the snow/ICE on the way to class!!
[that's if you go] ;)

well i'm off to get ready for class.
seriously hope i don't fall on my way to the commons to get my step off ticket. it's super slick out there and some of the sidewalks are NOT cleared out. why couldn't class be canceled!? hah. anyways, i'm glad the step off was postponed til tonight so i can actually go since i don't have class tonight!

& what's this i'm seeing on the weather channel? more rain/snow today?! 70%. the heck? so do i carry my big umbrella or not?!