Ooahski ft. Crysis - Only One Man

whenever i get new songs in my inbox i get super hype [cause i love that people actually want me to listen to their stuff and get my opinion]... so needless to say--i'm pretty smiley right now! :) this song is by friend bolaji aka ooahski ft. crysis!! i mean i just don't get it. this dude goes to fashion school, is planning a huge fashion show [details soon!], and still finds time to record some nice jams. he's def going places--watch. multi-talented like whoa!

>> download here!!

i love it!!
def easy listening.
love the bass in the beat.
or is my laptop actin up?
i need a new one dang it.
these speakers are about to blowwww.
they've been sounding mad scratchy lately.
too much jammin i suppose! ha!

either way. LOVE.
goin on the ipod pronto!
along with smokee robinson as soon as it downloads.
idk why it's taking so dang long!
been like 30+ minutes already.

ahhh, back to this fashion hw!
hope my partner doesn't hate me.
i shoulda beeeeen finished with this stuff!
but life's been blowin me lately.
but that's no excuse, ya know?
back to the grind!!