Sperry 2010 A/W Footwear

not really feelin them that much...
are you?

so it snowed again today.
& it was windy.
& it rained as well.
what. the. heck.
never walked against the snow fall til today.
OW. could barely see where i was going.
forecast for next weekend: 60% snow.
what. the. heck.

had a great night regardless of the weather.
went to chilis to celebrate my friend kayla's 21st!
made me realize...
yeah, i've got some amazing friends!!

so... my view counter has died?
idk wtf happened.
i don't really wanna start back at 0! :(
but yeah, it makes me super blog-conscious.
i check views to see if you guys are alive.
but since nothing is showing up at all lately...
like... are you guys still there?

man... life is pretty good right now.
i'm so thankful.
pray it only gets better. :)